Services and Events

Upcoming Events

Kenneth Love with three other men from Central Peninsula Church will travel to Spain for a short-term missionary trip from Saturday, May 25 - June 4. The trip will involve training and teaching Biblical counseling and Twelve Step recovery to Christian leaders throughout Europe. We solicit your prayers.

Currently Available

Kenneth Love is available for scheduled appointments Monday through Thursday 9 AM - 8 PM, Fridays 8 AM - 1 PM. During those hours he is also available for support and consultation. A 1-hour counseling session fee is $150.00. Please inquire if our normal fee is a hardship for you, as we offer an annual income fee per session.

NOTE: If the fee for individual or group sessions is too great of a hardship, please speak with Kenneth Love, Executive Director, or the BreakFree facilitator you are working with. We can make adjustments to ensure you are getting the services you need and desire at a rate that is affordable to you.
Kenneth makes weekly chaplain visits to Elmwood and Main jail.
Kenneth Love and BreakFree team has a worship service (which includes prayer, praise and worship, testimonies, and preaching/teaching) at Elmwood jail chapel every first Sunday afternoon.


Kenneth and the BreakFree team also does street ministry, (including Calvary St./Isaiah 58), where they minister to the needs of alcoholics/addicts and the homeless in the San Francisco Tenderloin every fourth Thursday of the month.



BreakFree Ministries provides:

• Addiction/Biblical counseling

• Addiction interventions
• Crisis interventions
• Addiction training/Workshops/Seminars
• Consultation
• Volunteer chaplain (Santa Clara county jails)
• Pre-marital and marriage counseling
• Weddings
• Funerals
• Referral to other programs for alcohol and drug rehabilitation
• Interfacing with all churches, judicial system, and community leaders